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Article: The fascination of nature colored diamonds (fancy diamonds)

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Fancy Diamonds

The fascination of nature colored diamonds (fancy diamonds)

The natural world of colored diamonds also called, “Fancy Diamonds”
A rare beauty. A real rarity on the diamond market.
The history of colored diamonds dates back to the 6th century. Even back then, diamonds in India were classified into different shades, with the color being linked to the social status of the wearer.
How are colored diamonds valued?
The intensity of the color is divided into categories such as “Fancy light” to “Fancy Vivid”. The richer the color intensity of the diamond, the more valuable it is.


Yellow diamonds are formed by impurities of nitrogen during the crystallization process. Although they are considered more common compared to some other colors, they are still rare and highly sought after.


Green diamonds owe their rare color to specific impurities during their formation. Either through radioactive radiation (but they are by no means radioactive) or the inclusion of trace elements such as nitrogen or nickel.


The color in blue diamond arises from the presence of boron and nitrogen atoms in the stone structure.
The most famous blue diamond is the “HOPE DIAMANT” with 45.52ct. Read more about it here:


Pink diamonds are among the rarest stones in the world. The color is not caused by an impurity but is your malformation in the crystal lattice. The largest mine to date with pink diamond deposits is in Australia. This announced in 2020 that it would end the mining of diamonds.

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