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Article: A look at the March birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarin Geburtsstein

A look at the March birthstone: Aquamarine

In this blog entry we delve into the fascinating world of aquamarine, the birthstone of March.
  • from Latin "aqua marina" - "water of the sea"
  • belongs to the beryl gemstone family
  • often found in Brazil, Madagascar, Nigeria and even some parts of Europe
The symbolism of aquamarine
Even in ancient times, humanity believed that aquamarine had the power to calm the mind and provide clarity in difficult situations.
Aquamarine stands for health, love, hope and happiness and is associated with the zodiac signs Pisces and Aries.
The color of aquamarine
"Santa Maris Color" is the most expensive aquamarine color on the market and is deep blue. The origin of the name comes from the mine of the same name in Brazil.
The clearer and deeper the color blue, the more valuable the stone is.
How do I tell if an aquamarine is real?
Real aquamarines have a characteristic blue-green color. It should have a certain transparency without inclusions. Cloudy or opaque stones could indicate inferior or counterfeit specimens.