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Barry's Jeweler

"Our goal is to support, promote, inform and raise awareness of sustainable diamond purchasing."

Our diamonds and gold are ethically made in Canada, are environmentally friendly, and support local communities and businesses.

Barrys Juwelier Showroom in Wien gegenüber der Staatsoper

Hello Europe!

Canada goes Vienna

With more than 35 years of experience in jewelry retail, you can now find us in the heart of Europe - in Vienna. You will find us directly opposite the Vienna State Opera in the Opernringhof building.

Address: Opernring 1 / Staircase R 417 (4th floor)

With commitment, honesty and outstanding expert service, we offer you Canadian jewelry as unique as its origin.

Barrys Juwelier - Showroom in Wien
Barrys Juwelier - ethische Diamant Verlobungsringe
Barrys Juwelier - Maple Leaf Diamonds™ - konfliktfrei, nachhaltig & zertifiziert
Barrys Juwelier - Maple Leaf Diamonds™ - konfliktfrei, nachhaltig & zertifiziert
Barrys Juwelier - Maple Leaf Diamonds™ - konfliktfrei, nachhaltig & zertifiziert
Kanada Hintergrundsbild

Our beginnings


Barry - the founder and owner - built his business out of a passion for the world of precious metals and gemstones in 1985. The boutique has served the Golden Horseshoe, Canada and many other communities for over 35 years.

Today, Barry's thrives on the relationships we've built with thousands of customers across the country who have chosen to trust us with something as intimate as their jewelry and personal stories.

Our goal is to help our customers select the jewelry that they feel reflects their personality, reflects the meaning of their love, and symbolizes the importance of their milestone.

Gold An- und Verkauf Ringpflege

Our passion


Barry's prides itself on offering beautifully crafted jewelery by world-renowned designers, its own Barry's Brand collection, as well as bespoke and vintage estate pieces. Barry's philosophy is to share the beauty of well-designed jewelry with everyone in our community. He is committed to ensuring that everyone can share in the long-standing tradition of owning, giving or wearing jewelry that symbolizes life's story. Thanks to this passion, there is something for everyone in our showrooms; we offer something for every taste, every occasion, every style and every budget. To ensure our customers can choose from the finest artistic creations without sacrificing quality, we aim to offer selections from around the world - from New York City to Hong Kong.

Kimberley Process Logo

Our planet


In 2002, the UN passed a system to end the trade in diamonds for dubious purposes. The Kimberley Process certification scheme sets out the regulations and requirements countries must follow to ensure diamonds are mined and shipped in a humane and lawful manner. This process follows the diamonds from the mines to the finished product and ensures that you, the consumer, receive goods free from illegal trade.

For us as a company, and for Barry personally, it is a top priority that all of our stones, whether diamonds or gemstones, are ethically sourced and mined in an environmentally responsible manner, no matter where we source them from. As such, we are very proud to be both supporters and traders of Canadian mined diamonds and Canadian manufacturers.

Verlobungsring mit ovalen Diamant auf Model getragen


Canada now ranks third in the world in terms of the quantity of diamonds produced. Traced straight from the mines as they are extracted, these diamonds are true Canadian treasures from our great white north. We place a high value on traceability and all of our loose diamonds are independently certified and graded by reputable and reputable gemstone laboratories to ensure our clients receive unbiased, professional certification.

Customer testimonials

My now fiancé and I spent months looking for the perfect ring. Barry's Juwelier was recommended by a friend. None of their competitors were remotely helpful, they tried to sell us rings thousands of dollars over our budget and couldn't accurately answer our questions. We were blown away by the service we received at Barry's.

I've recommend Barry's Juwelier to so many people. They've gained lifetime customers!


"Barry's Jewelers provided me with excellent service for my fiancée's engagement ring, they are very knowledgeable and professional. My fiancée loves her engagement ring. Highly recommended!"


"The service we received was excellent from start to finish."