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Article: The color scale of DZ diamonds

Die Farbskala der Diamanten von D-Z

The color scale of DZ diamonds

What does the color scale mean for diamonds?

A diamond's luster is captivating, but its apparent colorlessness plays a crucial role in its brilliance. The diamond color scale is one of the essential measurements that should be considered when selecting a diamond. The color tone is rated between D to Z.

Color scale image - Copyright: @GIA

  • D (colorless) / River / Very Fine White+: Diamonds in this class are colorless and extremely rare.

  • E (colorless) / River / Very Fine White: These diamonds are also colorless and very rare.

  • F (colorless) / Top Wesselton / Fine White+: These diamonds have a minimal color tint that is barely noticeable to the layperson.

  • G (near colorless) / Top Wesselton / Fine White: These diamonds show very little color tint and are of high quality.

  • H (near colorless) / Wesselton / White: Grade H diamonds have a slight color tint that may be noticeable upon close inspection.

  • I (near colorless) / Top Crystal / Slightly tinted white: These diamonds have a slight color tint that is visible upon close inspection.

  • J (near colorless) / Crystal / Slightly tinted white: Similar to Grade I, these diamonds show a slight color tint.

  • K (faint tint) / Top Cape / Tinted White: Grade K diamonds exhibit a slight yellow or brown tint that is more clearly visible.

  • L (faint tint) / Top Cape / Tinted White: Similar to grade K, these diamonds exhibit a slight color tint.

  • M (faint tint) / Cape / Tinted: M grade diamonds show a stronger yellow or brown tint than the previous grades.

  • NZ (very light – light yellow): Diamonds in these categories show a very light to light yellow or brown color.

    GIA Color Scale

    Copyright: GIA

    Evaluating a diamond's color is usually done under controlled lighting conditions and comparing it to reference stones to determine its exact placement on the scale. It is important to note that the choice of diamond color often depends on personal preference and budget.