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Article: The bright trends of ball jewelry in 2024

Die Strahlenden Trends des Ballschmucks in 2024

The bright trends of ball jewelry in 2024

The upcoming balls in Vienna promise not only a celebration of elegance and style, but also a presentation of breathtaking jewelry trends.

gold and silver

This season, real jewelry takes center stage. Gold and silver shine as the main players on the ballpark.

Hair and shiny earrings

Large earrings or sparkling stud earrings are recommended for elegant updos. This not only underlines the hairstyle, but also sets accents in the overall look.

Pearls in combination with other gemstones

A combination of pearls with other gemstones or materials such as diamonds, sapphires or gold could be gaining popularity to create a modern and eye-catching look.

Perfect harmony with the dress

Choosing ball decorations is an art in itself. From colors to shapes – the jewelry is meticulously coordinated with the dress. Round necklaces enchant round necklines, while V-necks complement pendant necklaces perfectly.