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Article: How to clean your diamond ring properly!

So reinigen Sie Ihren Diamantring richtig!

How to clean your diamond ring properly!

Does your diamond ring look dull and dirty? We help you clean your jewelry safely and efficiently. In this blog entry we give you practical tips for cleaning at home.
BarrysJewelier Jewelry Cleaning Instructions
Our tip: We recommend cleaning every 1 to 2 weeks at home and a professional inspection twice a year to maintain the shine and prevent damage. The diamond ring is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but also an investment. We therefore recommend regular cleaning and professional inspection.
To clean at home, you will need the following:
1. Soak the ring:
We recommend mixing warm water (lukewarm, not hot!) with mild cleaning products such as gentle dishwashing liquid and soaking the ring for about 20 minutes.
If it is very dirty, you can also soak the ring for up to 3 hours.
This method loosens dirt deposits on the surface.
2. Gentle cleaning with the brush
After the ring has been soaked, the next step is to gently scrub it with a gentle brush. A very soft toothbrush is best suited for this. (Without rubber brushes) When cleaning, pay attention to the back of the diamond, where oil and dirt accumulate most.
Then rinse the ring thoroughly with lukewarm, clean water.
To avoid scratches on the setting or diamonds, we ask you to clean the ring very gently and without much pressure.
3. Proper drying of the diamond
To properly dry your diamond ring, we recommend using a soft cloth that does not leave any lint behind. Please do not use paper towels, these can be very rough and cause scratches on the surface.
We wish you much success cleaning your favorite piece!