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Article: Canadian Diamonds - 100% conflict free and ethical

Kanadische Diamanten sind konfliktfrei

Canadian Diamonds - 100% conflict free and ethical

But what does that mean exactly? Conflict-free diamonds meet the definition of the Kimberley Process, which is a complex system involving an international forum of States and representatives of diamond industry organizations and social organisations. This forum has prepared a proposal for a rough diamond certification system, based on UN resolutions, aimed at preventing the misuse of rough diamonds in financing insurgent and terrorist groups. Thanks to comprehensive control mechanisms, these conflict-free diamonds are now a matter of course.

But we go one step further than normal diamond industry standards. These stones are also guaranteed that no child labour, violence, human rights violations or damage to the environment have taken place during their quarrying. Ethical diamonds are mined using responsible methods that respect the environment and local sustainable development.

We offer the finest selection of Maple Leaf Diamonds™ sourced from Canada that are both 100% conflict free and ethically mined. The origin of these diamonds is guaranteed thanks to a special control system