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Article: Fancy sapphires & their meaning

Fancy Saphire & ihre Bedeutung

Fancy sapphires & their meaning

In the technical terminology for different types of sapphires, the term "sapphire" is usually used and supplemented with the respective color of the stone. For example, we speak of “yellow sapphires” or “green sapphires”.

An exception to this are the rare pink-orange sapphires, which are called "padparadscha", which alludes to the delicate lotus flower.

The classic blue sapphire is often referred to as "sapphire" without any other color reference. Sapphires with other colors, on the other hand, are called “fancy sapphires” to emphasize their diversity and uniqueness.

It is also interesting to know that sapphires, regardless of their color, often contain tiny rutile inclusions, which create an enchanting star pattern thanks to a special cabochon cut.


Chemical name: aluminum oxide

Formula: Al2O3

Colors: Almost all colors

Structure: Hexagonal, Trigonal

Hardness: 9

Density: 4-4.1