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Article: The Discovery of Canadian Diamonds

Roh Diamant

The Discovery of Canadian Diamonds

After more than a decade of exhaustive exploration in extreme conditions, Canadian geologists Charles Fipke and Stuart Blusson reached the culmination of their determined search for diamonds in 1991 with the discovery of what is now the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories.

Ekati, Canada's first diamond mine, is located about 200 km south of the Arctic Circle, in the Lac de Gras region. All mining companies are committed to operating sustainably and with the utmost integrity to promote the positive economic, environmental and social impacts of the mines. Mining companies work with indigenous and local community leaders, stakeholders and governments by sharing information and engaging to better understand their needs and expectations.

Mining regulations in Canada are among the strictest in the world and Dominion Diamond, the operator of the Ekati Diamond Mine, has posted guarantees with the Government of the Northwest Territories ("GNWT") totaling CDN$253,473,000 to meet the obligation to secure its water license to clean up the Ekati mine site in the event of an unexpected shutdown.